Methods of analysis

In my consultations I exclusively apply professional techniques that enable individual and differentiated analyses of your premises. The methods of classical Feng Shui can be divided into two complementary schools: Form School and Compass School.

Form School – Xingshi Pai

The Form School is the oldest part of Feng Shui and examines the natural and built surroundings of your premises, as well as your floor plan. In written records the application of the Form School can be traced back to approximately 1,000 BCE. There we can find descriptions of an ideal landform configuration that has been derived by the large-scale observation of the effects of the surroundings.  This ideal configuration can be applied to our living spaces to provide a structural balance.
Ideale Formschule

Compass School – Liqi Pai

Feng Shui Kompass

The Compass School started around the 11th century AD. It utilises abstract formulas to calculate the hidden Qi patterns inside and surrounding your premises. Accordingly, these hidden patterns, namely the potential of our spaces, become detectable and also malleable.

An indispensable tool of the Compass School is the Luopan, the Chinese FengShui compass. It is a combination of a measuring device and collection of Feng Shui formulas. During a consultation, it enables differentiated and accurate statements about the quality of stay and atmosphere of your premises.

Bazhai, the system of the “eight houses” and Xuankong Feixing, the “flying stars” are the two main methods for the calculation of the Qi patterns. Whichever method is used during a consultation depends on your requirements and needs. Bazhai, also known as “east-west system”, is suitable for statements about your personal auspicious directions, which can be used aligning beds or desks. While Bazhai is useful for the proper analysis of apartment or projects without any remodeling plans, the method of Xuankong Feixing can be used for the precise architectural planning and design of your property. An example of this is the placement and orientation of entrances and doors of your home or business. Both methods can also be combined to find individual solutions for your needs.

Water methods – Shuifa

Another component of the Compass School are the so-called water techniques that cover the influences of waterways and roads. By means of this auspicious new water features and driveways can be planned for your plot. Water techniques are divided among the schools of Sanhe (“three harmonies”) and Sanyuan (“three origins”). These methods differ in the scale of application and harmonize with various other methods of calculation. Depending on your individual project and needs we will choose the ideal planning tool.
Beispiel Wassertechnik

Personal potential assessment – Bazi Suanming

Bazi Suanming

The method of Bazi Suanming (“potential assessment of the eight characters”) is based on the individual birth date. It provides highly detailed statements about the personal influence of the five phases (or five elements). In Feng Shui this technique is used to fine-tune the data obtained by the spatial analysis. Individually supporting phases (or elements) may then be used preferably for the interior design of your premises.

Within the context of individual coachings this method leads to a higher self-awareness and self-actualisation. As “coaching method of the Chinese imperial court”, Bazi Suanming can support you in all areas of life, be it relationships or your professional life.

Date selection – Zeri

Wahl günstiger Daten Zeri

Good timing is everything! In order for your Feng Shui recommendations to produce quick and full result, it is advisable to calculate a favorable date for the implementation of the measures. This enables you to benefit from the positive qualities of time that support your individual activities.

Date selection is especially beneficial for:

  • Business openings
  • Signing contracts
  • Starting negotiations
  • Weddings
  • Refurbishments

Depending on the focus of your project, I calculate your favorable dates according to the methods of Bazi Suanming, Taiyang Dao Gong (“the great sun formula”) and Qimen Dunjia.

The following methods will be applied during a consultation:

  • Form School – Xingshi Pai
  • The eight houses – Bazhai
  • Flying Stars – Xuankong Feixing
  • Sanhe and Sanyuan water methods
  • Potential assessment of the eight characters – Bazi Suanming
  • Date Selection – Zeri
  • Qimen Dunjia