Classical Feng Shui for modern spaces

You don’t quite feel at home in your rooms? Your environment exhausts you? Your sleep is restless or you are plagued by insomnia? Could your business run better? Then it is time for change! Whether in the bedroom, living room or office, unlock of the potential of your residential and commercial premises and benefit from an optimal living and working atmosphere through your individual Feng Shui consultation.

Improve your quality of life and motivation

Interior design powered by Feng Shui can significantly enhance your inner balance, which helps you to master all situations in life. Increase your well-being, feel more creative and motivated and enhance your ability to focus and to contribute.

Let us find the room concept that fits perfectly to you, based on well-tried Feng Shui methods for your particular needs.

Your Feng Shui Consultant

My name is Felix Niakamal, I’m a B.A. of Japanese Studies & Chinese Studies, certified Feng Shui Consultant and Daoist Strategic Coach. Please contact me via contact form or Email for an initial non-binding and free discussion.

Feng Shui Consultant Felix Niakamal


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Raumgestaltung nach Feng Shui

Feng Shui Consultation

Professional Feng Shui is not a question of faith. Precise calculation methods are the basis of your individual space design and user’s concept that provides an optimum support for your home and business.

Daoistisches Coaching

Daoist Strategic Coaching

Daoist Strategic Coaching can support you in private and business matters. Together, we will utilize the secret knowledge of the Chinese emperors and discover your best strategy to success.

Feng Shui Kompass


Every consultation relies on professional, proven methods of analysis and calculation, such as Bazhai, Xuankong Feixing, Bazi Suanming and Qimen Dunjia.

About Yi Feng Shui

About Yi Feng Shui

Why choose Yi Feng Shui? Learn more about me and my background as B.A. of Japanese Studies & Chinese Studies, Daoist Strategic Coach and certified Feng Shui Consultant.