Daoistisches Coaching Schicksal

My fate is in my hands, not in the hands of heavenGe Hong, Daoist Master of the Maoshan Lineage, 300 AD

Your strategy for success

Daoistisches Coaching als Strategie zum Erfolg

Daoist Strategic Coaching can support both your business and private life. We delve as deep as you wish, whether into the rational, factual or into the inner, emotional level. Depending your personal circumstances, you have your own individual definition of success. Let us work side by side to find your strategy for success and achieve your goal.

The most common applications of Daoist coaching include the field of:

  • Startup company consulting
  • Evaluation of the chances of success of business ideas
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of business partnerships
  • Project management
  • Crisis management
  • Conflict management
  • Negotiation strategies
  • Selecting applicants
  • Investments
  • Professional orientation
  • Evaluation of real estate
  • Personal relationships

Analysis – Prognosis – Strategic Planning

Qimen Dunjia das kaiserliche Geheimwissen

The basis of the Daoist Strategic Coaching is the traditional Chinese technique of Qimen Dunjia. This transmitted secret knowledge of the Chinese emperors still serves us today as a precise tool for analysis, prognosis and strategic planning.

Qimen Dunjia allows:

  • Accurate and detailed statements on questions regarding all areas of life
  • Investigating the present, the background and potential future development
  • Revealing the motivation and intention of all people involved
  • Recognizing strengths and weaknesses of the business process
  • Evaluating the feasibility of projects
  • Informed decisions
  • Acting at the best possible time