Feng Shui affects us anytime and everywhere

Wherever we are, our environment affects us. Often we intuitively seek out places that are beneficial for us. Do you have a favorite spot in your apartment or city? What actually makes it special to you? Feng Shui enables us to understand and consciously use this phenomenon. What we could only vaguely describe as a feeling becomes visible and malleable by means of Feng Shui calculations.

A professional Feng Shui consultation helps you to create optimal conditions for your well-being within your spaces, whether in the living room, bedroom or your office.

The best time for a Feng Shui consultation

A Feng Shui consultation can be conducted at any time and can be of general benefit for anyone, be it for their own home, office space or the retail store. When planning a new construction project, support by Feng Shui can already start with selecting a suitable building site. A Feng Shui consultation allows you to create optimal conditions for you and your project, starting with choosing the plot and designing the floor plan.

Consultation process

A basic Feng Shui consultation for your home or business includes the following ten steps:
  1. Initial discussion to ascertain your individual requirements and needs
  2. On-site inspection of your premises
  3. Analysis of the spatial environment and compass measurements
  4. Floor plan analysis
  5. Optimization of the Qi flow
  6. Calculation of the Qi patterns of your spatial environment and premises
  7. Determination of your personal favorable directions
  8. Drawing up your individual design plan
  9. Preparation of your written consultation report
  10. On-site presentation of the design plan and delivery of the documentation

In most cases remote consultations are also possible.

Consulting services at a glance

A Feng Shui consultation focuses on your individual needs and requirements. They are the reference point for identifying and optimizing the potential of your home or business premises. Yi Feng Shui offers professional services in the fields of:

  • Residential Feng Shui
  • Commercial Feng Shui for offices and retail stores
  • Feng Shui for construction planning
  • Feng Shui for garden design
  • Property selection
  • Individual potential analysis
  • Daoist Strategic Coaching