Feng Shui for your positive working atmosphere

Does your business suffer from high rates of sickness absence? Does your store lack walk-in customers? Even small changes by means of Feng Shui can make a big difference.

A well-balanced workplace inspires!

Feng Shui can give you an edge over your competitors. Whether in a shop, corporate office or restaurant: Your managers, employees and customers can benefit from a supportive environment.

The work environment is a crucial factor. Maximize the potential of your spaces to inspire yourself and your employees to higher performance.

Feng Shui for individual offices

Are you already exhausted and unfocused by noon? Do you find it difficult to assert yourself against your employees and colleagues? Are negotiations in your meeting room difficult and tough? Then it is time for you and your company to benefit from the psychology of spaces provided by classical Feng Shui.

Feng Shui supports you to attain long-lasting well-being in your office. With the help of Feng Shui office design you can unlock the potential of your spaces and establish balance and harmony for more energy and inspiration in your enterprise. Furthermore, your Feng Shui consultation provides you with information about the optimal strategic position in the meeting room.

Feng Shui for retail stores

An inviting atmosphere, designed by Feng Shui attracts your customers and encourages them to a greater length of stay. Feng Shui provides you with a pleasant working environment for your employees in sales as well as an attractive shopping environment for your customers.

Does your business rely on a high throughput? Feng Shui can help you tailor the degree of attraction of your business and average stay according to your needs.

After your business Feng Shui consultation you’ll know about:

  • The influence of the spatial environment on your business
  • The optimal locations for your value-adding employees
  • The optimal locations for administration, client reception and meetings
  • How to maximize the potential of your business
  • How to enhance the authority and capacity of your managers
  • Which compass directions support your work
  • Which colors, materials and shapes support your individual departments with regard to your Corporate Design